More Good News!
According to the MRIS system, Dominion no longer has a contract on the Gene Hemp Road land. While there are no guarantees, it looks to us like they are not interested in securing this property for future use.

DTI Withdraws from Pre-Application Process!
(But it's not over yet folks!)

On November 3rd 2008, Dominion Transmission asked FERC to terminate its pre-filing review process for the Storage Factory Project including the proposed Gas Compressor Station in Frederick County Maryland. Click on Notice of Project Suspension to see the official letter.

This is NOT a victory. The letter states that DTI will file a revised project scope in a few years. It is estimated that this will occur in 2010. What does this mean?
  • We still don't know DTI's plan!
  • DTI will have to go through the established FERC process all over again which means, depending on their plan, we may have to go through the process all over again. Will there be changes in the FERC process to our benefit between now and then? We hope so!
  • If you read the pre-announcement letter from DTI closely, you'll see that future plans will probably include facilities (now plural) in Frederick County.
Potentially this letter puts us in a position of even greater issues to face in the future with DTI, not just in Jefferson and Middletown, but Frederick County as a whole. Everyone who was concerned should remain concerned moving forward.

A big thanks to everyone who participated and contributed in our efforts to stop DTI. It's not a complete victory yet, but we did make a difference!

JMDCA intends to stay semi-active in anticipation of future DTI proposals that could impact Jefferson, MD. We welcome participation from others in the community and suggestions for issues that need community involvement.